This training program is a very thorough presentation of Windows
programming via Win32 approach and object oriented approach using
Win32 console, Visual C++ and the Microsoft Foundation Class Library.
The course consists of three modules. The first module covers the
win32 programming in this basic structure of windows programming is
explained and the second module covers essential elements of Windows
programming via an object oriented approach using Visual C++ and the
MFC. Visual C++ dev environment is exploited to build Windows
applications. Gain experience using the Visual Studio. Fundamental
Windows programming concepts are covered, including the mouse events,
keyboard events, menus, toolbars, status bars, GUI, dialog boxes and
controls. The document/view architecture, SDI and MDI is introduced. A
fundamental approach is taken to understanding MFC, building programs
by making direct calls to MFC before applying automated tools. The
third module covers advanced topics in MFC Windows programming. The
Microsoft Foundation Class Library collection classes are explained,
including the template collection classes. Document/view architecture
is presented in greater depth, including MDI and the role of document
templates in dealing with multiple view types and multiple document
types. Introduced advanced topics, including the MFC database classes,
DLLs, multithreading and socket programming.